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ProGrass offer two different types of aeration services according to your lawn needs:

Hollow Tine Aeration

Hollow tine aeration is, in our opinion, the best thing you can do to a lawn especially when the soil is compact or clay based which is very common in the Nottingham area.  The treatment is mechanically done by a professional machine which basically removes thousands of cores from the lawn and leaves them on the surface to break down.  This acts as a twin-pronged treatment as firstly it relieves the compaction of the lawn allowing water and nutrients to get directly to the root zone of the grass via the plug holes left behind.  Secondly, the tines on the surface are packed with nutrients and good quality top soil and these will eventually break down and almost give the lawn another fertiliser treatment for free.  Some customers prefer the tines to be removed from a cosmetic point of view and we are quite happy to do this if required.

Solid Tine Aeration

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Solid Tine aeration is done by the same machine and quite simply puts thousands of spikes into the lawn and is ideal for customers who prefer not to have the short term cosmetic impact that hollow tine aeration brings.  It’s almost a compaction quick fix and will leave the lawn looking normal straight away.  It is also a very good treatment for lawns that become saturated or waterlogged.

The process of aeration is also by far the most effective method of eradicating moss and thatch build up from lawns.  Ideally most compact lawns would benefit from core aeration once each year but once every 2 years is still a good ratio to aim for.

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