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How often should I mow my lawn?

We always say what the customer does with his mower is as important as what we do with our lawn care.  Ideally cutting little and often at a high setting is what we recommend but once a week when it is growing strongly is a good guideline.  

Are your products safe for children and pets?

All are products are totally safe around children, pets and wildlife. 

Can my gardener treat the lawn?

Lawn treatment is very specialised and he would need a license to use the kind of products we use. Understanding agronomy is a science best left to the professional lawn care companies with the specialist equipment and knowledge to bring out the best in your lawn.

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How do you manage to treat a lawn for not much more than it would cost me?

Our commercial products are far superior to products from garden centres. We apply the correct quantity at the correct time maximizing the treatments effectiveness.  We also buy in large quantities enabling us to be extremely competative. 

What is your Environmental Policy?

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously. We use products that are as environmentally friendly as possible. For example the weed control products are diluted down to the absolute minimum rate that will kill a weed and nothing else. The same as our fertlisers which are applied at the ideal rate to increase the uptake levels of the grass. Granular fertiliser treatments use the latest technology to release nutrients slowly, which the grass can absorb, leaving little wastage. Where appropriate we will incorporate cultural and organic methods (non-pesticide) to improve your lawn. We have organic based treatments available too if this is a concern to the customer. All our treatments are designed with maximum regard for the user consumer and environment. All our standard treatments are non-toxic with no residual issues. We are happy to inform you of the actual treatments used, and welcome your interest in the treatments we are recommending.

I am thinking of re-turfing my lawn as I think my lawn is beyond saving?

Our customers are constantly amazed to see what they thought was a lawn beyond saving transformed into a beautiful lawn. Lawn treatments will provide a beautiful lawn at a fraction of the cost and disruption to re-turfing your lawn.  We have a tried and tested lawn reconstruction program that will save even the most neglected lawns.

How long will the treatments take to make a difference?​

You will see a noticeable difference after one treatment usually in days if the weather conditions are suitable.

I have been told that all lawn companies do is make the grass grow quicker so I will have to cut it more often

Grass is a plant and unfortunately a side effect of it being happy and well fed is that it will appear to grow faster than grass that is stressed and poorly nourished.  Prograss mainly use fertlisers that golf courses use and they don't want to have their green staff cutting grass all day so if these are applied at the correct rate you should not be cutting any more frequently than what you are now.  If you cut little at a height of about 30mm/1inch you will in fact find grass cutting easier and more rewarding.

Am I tied into a contract?​

No, but a beautiful green, weed free lawn, achieved with care at a sensible cost, means we hope you will continue with our service for a long time.

Why do your treatments work?​

Prograss use only the best fertlisers and weed control products that are recommended to us by our agronomist Joe Kinder who overlooks our business.  Also we invest heavily in the best commercial heavy duty equipment to do the mechanical work which is Hollow tine aeration and scarification.  

Do I need to be in when you do the treatments?​

No, all we need is access to all lawned areas.  An invoice will be posted through the door on completion of the treatment.

But how do I pay?​

You can pay on the day with either cash, cheque or card if you are around. Or within 14 days of each treatment as we invoice you after each treatment.  All payment options are printed on the invoice.

When can I cut the lawn after treatments?​

Avoid cutting the lawn for two days prior to a treatment and three days after.

What do I need to do to the lawn?​

Very little just follow cutting instructions above and ensure your lawnmower is kept in good condition with a sharp blade. The products unless stated are non scorch so watering is beneficial but not essential after a treatment.  Watering either in the early mornings or in the evenings is helpful during hot dry spells.

Can you treat moss problems?​

Moss is a big problem for lawns especially when it starts to outcompete the grass.  An important part of lawncare is moss control and Prograss will not only treat the moss that is present they will look at the cause so it can be prevented from sporing over the wetter colder months when it tries to come back.

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