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Prograss recommendation

The secrets of success to a great looking lawn are:

  • Regular and correct mowing

  • Feeding regularly with an appropriate fertiliser

  • Treating weeds and moss

  • Dealing with bare patches


The most important lawn care job you can do for a fantastic lawn is correct and regular mowing. You need to cut the grass whenever it is growing, ideally using the 1/3 rule which is do not cut off more than 1/3 of the grass height in anyone cut to avoid scalping the lawn.

The aim should be to keep it at the same height all through spring. For most lawns this should be about 2.5-4cm (1-1.5in) high. For lawns that take a lot of wear and tear the height is better raised to 5cm (2in). For very shaded areas, mow at a height of 7.5cm (3in).

Mowing too short and, as a consequence weakening the grass, is the quickest and easiest way of allowing weeds and moss to become established and spoiling the lawn.

How often should I mow my lawn?

Your lawn should be mowed as regularly as you can do it, at least once per week during the main growing seasons of April – June and Sept – October. This can be relaxed during the height of summer if a drought ensues as the growth will slow and during the winter months again when the rate of growth slows. It is, however important not to let the grass get too long at any time of the year, including winter, as this will reduce the quality significantly, increase the likelihood of moss invasion and reduce the aesthetic appearance of the grass. Do not be frightened to mow your grass in the winter if it is getting long and the ground is not waterlogged or frozen.

Fully Qualified staff

Every Prograss operative who treats your lawn is experienced & qualified. We don’t employ temporary or unqualified staff to treat your lawn. You can ensure that the treatments are carried out correctly at the most appropriate time of year.

PA1 & PA6 NPTC qualifications

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Our operators hold full PA1 & PA6 NPTC qualifications which certify them to purchase, prepare and calibrate professional herbicides and sprayers and to operate them to ensure correct application rates without risk to themselves, other people and the environment.

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