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A Scarification treatment is the mechanical removal of thatch build up and dead moss.  It is done by a professional machine and is a very labour intensive job. Basically it is a heavy duty raking of the lawn down to soil level which will remove any dead grass (thatch) or moss but leaves the healthy grass behind enabling it to breath properly instead of being smothered.

This process also then allows the water and nutrients easy access to get down to the soil and root zone of the grass creating a much healthier lawn.
That is the easy bit. The hard bit is then collecting the sometimes huge amounts of waste that is deposited on the lawn after the treatment. Customers are always amazed at the amount that comes out of their lawn. This is why we call scarification labour intensive

The lawn may look worse after the treatment but it is an essential part of the renovation process, creating a thicker healthier lawn. As a result, it should be undertaken at a time when the grass is growing, which will speed up the lawns recovery time.

It should be pointed out that it is impossible to clear all the waste away after this treatment but we will endeavour to do our best in the time allocated in your quote.

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Scarifying at the same time as a hollow tine aeration treatment is a superb way of breaking down the tines quickly and results in the cosmetic appearance of the lawn being much improved.

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