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Seed Germination and Over-seeding Solutions

Since the founding of Prograss in 2012 seeding and over-seeding has been a fairly simple affair where seed is applied to an area and a few weeks later it has germinated and all is looking fine. However weather conditions over the last 12 months have changed things considerably and it has been extremely difficult to get seed to germinate. This is not just a problem for Prograss but all over the country, anybody in horticulture, sports facilities and lawn companies etc have all faced the same problems.

Seed germination is a strange phenomenon where after contact with soil a shoot will leave the seed and go into the ground and then horseshoe back up. During this time the seed lies dormant on the soil surface and it looks like nothing is happening, then all of a sudden the grass shoots start to appear. Last years fierce summer, dry-ish winter and cold, showerless april has made this fairly simple process painfully slow and the birds have taken full advantage and devoured much of the seed before it has chance to germinate.

Instead of standing still Prograss have decided to face this problem head on and after having done much research and consultation they have decided to invest in specialist commercial seed disc drilling machines that are petrol driven and cut the seed into the soil which hugely increases the chances of seed germination. With this method loss of seed to birds is considerably less as well.

Pictured here is Eddy using our new machine just delivered from America.

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