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Soil Tests

All ProGrass lawns will have some sort of soil test done both on the initial report survey and from then on at regular intervals during the lawn program. Mostly it will be visual with plugs taken from around the lawn and examined but for the more difficult and troublesome lawns we may suggest a more thorough testing even a scientific lab report.

Our tests will determine your lawn’s soil type, PH value, compaction and the balance of nutrients present in the soil which in turn will determine what products we apply to the lawn.

What we're looking for:
Quality of soil

For example is the soil clay based which would increase compaction or is it good quality top soil. This is important as to determining if the lawn needs regularly aerating.

PH Value

The PH value of the soil will help us know the nutritional balance in the fertilisers we need to apply. For example if the soil is high in phosphorus we will need to apply products with a low or even zero phosphorus in them.

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The compaction or density of the soil is vital as if the soil is too compact the water and nutrients will not be able to reach the root zone in which case the grass plant will always struggle because it will be constantly stressed.

Thatch Layer

If there is a layer of thatch or dead grass lying on the soil surface then again water and nutrients will struggle to get through to the root zone of the grass causing stress to the grass plant.

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