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About Us

Prograss is a lawn care company with a difference

Many factors will affect your lawns health and looks. Understanding those reasons takes a lot of training & work experience.


Your lawn will be assessed by a trained agronomist with over 25 year’s experience. The assessment will be detailed to allow an individual programme that will maximise the potential of your lawn. The results will be obvious.

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For a FREE
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01949 837 367

Transform your lawn
with our annual
ganular treatment
Four easy steps towards a Prograss lawn

Get in touch: Please call us on 01949 837 367 or email to arrange your free, no obligation lawn health check.

Free lawn health check: We will assess your lawn and a soil sample will be taken and analysed. This will highlight any issues, allowing us to devise a programme that will get the best out of your lawn, giving it the potential to become a beautiful lush green, striped lawn that will be the envy of your neighbours.

Lawn report and recommendations: Your lawn report will contain a series of recommendations and treatments. These treatments will always be part of a programme. We cannot wave a magic wand & provide you with the quintessential English striped lawn immediately. The treatments are designed to improve your lawn as quickly & sustainably as possible & keep it looking lovely for years to come. This can only be achieved by regular treatments

Programme of treatments: The report will detail the treatments required throughout the seasons. Treatments can start at any time of the year, depending on when you start our service.

Get in Touch
For more information about Aeration or to arrange a free, no-obligation lawn report, please call us on 01949 837 367 or email and take the first step to making your lawn a ProGrass lawn
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