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Seasonal Lawn Treatments

We offer 5 key lawn treatment services, each tailored seasonally.


An essential treatment to guarantee the health of your lawn after the harsh Winter weather.

Early Summer

A vital treatment that readies the lawn in time for more frequent use.

Late Summer

This treatment helps your lawn last longer and reduces wear and tear after active use.


A fundamental treatment to help your lawn combat the upcoming dangers of the colder months.


An optional, but very beneficial treatment to help with moss control and to prepare for spring.

Spring Treatment

Spring Treatment

As we emerge from the winter period, your lawn will be hungry. Therefore, we will apply a slow-release fertiliser that will provide the necessary nutrients not only to help the lawn recover but also to encourage healthy growth, resulting in a lush, green, thickened, and strengthened grass. This product is designed to withstand adverse weather conditions that may persist, such as frost, snow, or heavy rainfall, ensuring that your lawn gets off to the best possible start for the upcoming season. During this visit, we will also address any remaining moss that has spored since the last treatment, as well as early-season weeds that have begun to emerge.

It’s worth noting that spring is the perfect time to consider some mechanical lawn work, such as hollow tine aeration, scarification, or overseeding. Please feel free to ask your lawn technician or contact us if you would like to discuss or book this work, if you have not already done so.

Early Summer Treatment

Early Summer Treatment

This is a vitally important time, as this treatment prepares the lawn for its busiest period; the summer months. During this time, you can relax, play games, and entertain friends, knowing your lawn will be in perfect condition.

We will apply a fertiliser with a longevity of 8 to 12 weeks, ensuring a constant supply of nutrients until the next treatment. Additionally, any emerging weeds will be
controlled using a herbicide spray.

If you have a lawn that is prone to struggle in dry weather conditions, now is the perfect time to apply a wetting agent.
If you haven’t already scheduled this, please discuss it with your lawn technician or contact us.

Late Summer Treatment

Late Summer Treatment

As summer continues and the garden remains actively used, the lawn may show signs of wear and tear. The product used in this treatment will be a more balanced renovating fertiliser, with an emphasis on greening, strengthening, and soil conditioning. This boost will carry us through to the end of the summer season. Once again, any weeds that have emerged since the last visit will be dealt with, and any moss starting to spore in the dark corners will be controlled. This may also be the ideal time to discuss any mechanical work you may require in autumn with either the technician or the office, ensuring it can be booked well in advance.

Autumn Treatment

Autumn Treatment

In our opinion, this is the most important treatment of the year as it has multiple functions. Firstly, after the rigours of Summer usage, and potentially dryer weather conditions, the lawn will be stressed and in need of a very different set of nutrients that have been previously applied. Facing the upcoming dangers of Autumn and Winter, such as sporing moss, fungal diseases, harsh weather conditions and damage from leaf fall, means the grass will need to be at its strongest to cope so the product applied will also contain vital iron. Moss will be sporing like crazy over the darker wetter months and this product will dehydrate it causing it to shrink and reduce sporing to ensure the competition between grass and moss remains in favour of the grass.

Winter Treatment

Winter Treatment

This treatment is optional but highly beneficial for lawns with dark, shady, damp areas prone to moss. It primarily serves as a moss control product, preparing the lawn for the upcoming spring treatment. Applying this treatment now allows us to use a lively spring fertiliser without the interference of moss. Additionally, it acts as a lawn booster, greening up the lawn and helping to remove any yellowness on the grass blades caused by the stress of winter.

ProGrass Services

If you require a specific treatment rather than a full Seasonal Lawn Treatment, browse our list of services below.


Heavy-duty commercial motorised rakes are used to Remove thatch and moss to improve grass growth.


Creating small holes to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the soil, promoting healthier grass growth.

Lawn Renovation/ Reconstruction

Cost-effective lawn restoration, treatments and ongoing maintenance for healthier grass.

Overseeding & Patch Repair

Seed germination is a fascinating process. To achieve results, the seed must make contact with the soil surface.

Seed Disc Drilling

At ProGrass, we primarily overseed lawns using seed disc drilling machines, a practice uncommon among lawn companies

Wetting Agent

Wetting agents are designed to help fix hydrophobicity in turf, they make it easier for the soil to absorb and hold water.

Other Services

We offer a wide range of external cleaning services, including drive/patio cleaning, renovation, and sealing.

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