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Welcome to ProGrass. The Independent lawncare service
provider with a difference.

Quality service,
dedicated team

With ProGrass you will only get what your lawn needs. No platinum, silver
or gold packages, no unnecessary costly services and no made-up names. A fertiliser will be called a fertiliser and a wetting agent will be called a wetting agent. ProGrass aims to provide a bespoke lawncare service tailored to each lawn and budget. An initial visit with a complimentary lawn health check will be provided which will include a written quotation with recommendations.

Lawncare made simple

Being independent allows ProGrass to use the best quality products and machinery to maximise results. Fertilisers and weed control products used will be among the safest and most environmentally friendly on the market.

When you think about it, lawn care is a very simple business: remove what you don’t want, such as moss, weeds and thatch, and then introduce what you do want, which is healthy grass. Then going forward, provide it with food, such as fertiliser, and control any re-emergence of moss, weeds and thatch and you will have a much-improved lawn.

ProGrass would love the opportunity to show you the difference they can make to your lawn so if you would like them to provide a free, no-obligation lawn health check and written quotation please get in touch.


  • Is ProGrass part of a franchise?

    No. ProGrass is a completely Independent business enabling them to source their own products from local suppliers and make unrestricted business decisions without having to answer to anyone.

  • Do I have to be at home when you call?

    You don’t have to be in, all we need is access and you will receive a reminder via email, text or phone call in advance so you can open gates etc for us to gain entry.

  • What is the best payment method?

    Payment will be required after each visit.  The operator will take the payment by either card, cheque or cash.